The Truth About What Men Want

The Truth About What Men Want

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions?

  • Why is it that my man and I aren’t connecting anymore?
  • Am I meeting his expectations?
  • Is he even still attracted to me?
  • Why does he think having sex will solve our problems?
  • Why does he shut down when he gets home?
  • Why won’t he talk to me when he’s stressed out?
  • What am I doing wrong?


Speculation abounds everywhere you look; books, magazine articles, and a plethora of hits on the Internet on this subject. And still, many questions go unanswered in the fullness you seek. Perhaps bringing your seeking back to the source is the answer. Consider asking your partner questions like the following?

  • Do you feel respected by me?
  • How is our sex life working for you?
  • Am I meeting your desires and expectations?
  • What can I do to make you feel more understood?
  • Do you need more space in our relationship?
  • Is there anything I can do to lessen your burden?
  • What is it you’re looking for in our relationship?
  • Is there a better time to talk about things together?
  • How may I best support you when you’re under pressure?
  • Are we connecting physically in a way that meets your needs?


No one has all the solutions; however, I do have some answers about what men truly want in a relationship.  A majority of my male clients have shared what they want in a relationship:  what make them feel happy, fulfilled, and loved.  Across the board my male clients put respect on the top of the list.


You see, men translate respect in to love.  If a man feels even a little disapproval from you they will begin to wonder if they can trust you with their inner selves.  If you don’t approve of the small things, how can they trust you with the big things?  If a man doesn’t feel respected by his partner he will struggle to feel anything other than anxiety. This most often will play out with a need to distance himself.  Experiencing this long term may even result by him walking out the door and ending the relationship.

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