Joyful Relationships At The Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics
One hour informational and interactive talks on the last Saturday of the month.  Dates, times,  and topics to follow.

Next Presentation
July 27th, 2019 at 2:45 pm:  The Truth About Soul Mates:  Facts and Fiction
Do you wonder why humans are so avid on seeking not just partnership, but the perfect one soul mate? What drives us so much to find such a companion? Fear of being alone, society, or is it much deeper? You are invited to discuss the many facets of love connections.

Save Your Space:   

Interested in hosting a Joyful Conversation at your event, office, or venue?  Contact Accelerated JoyWorks directly via email ( or telephone (520-404-6008).

2018 Presentations:
The Power of Investing:  Pathway to Creating the Relationship Your Heart Desires
Me, Myself, and I:  The Good, The Better, The Best
Happy, Productive, Long-Lasting Relationships:  Fact or Fiction?
The Many Flavors of Intimacy
Individualized Coaching Approaches:  Keeping Cookie Cutting in the Kitchen

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