Joyful Choices

Choose the Accelerated JoyWorks pathway that speaks to you.

The Exploration Consultation may be a good place for you to begin.
This 15-minute complimentary consultation will shed some light on which option is most suited for your present day situation.

  • The Vent Session Do you have a heavy weight on your chest holding you down? Do you feel like if you don’t let your feelings out that you might explode? Talk it out in 30-minutes of constructive releasing in a healthy, safe, nurturing environment.  Fee:  $45 
  • Clarity SessionAre you having trouble seeing the forest for the trees?  This 30-minute session is designed to illuminate and bring clarity to a present day challenge.  Fee:  $55 
  • Active Listening Session60-minutes with someone who is trained to listen and hold the space while you share your current challenge.  Fee:  $100 
  • Initial Consultation (Individual & Singles)One-hour to get to know you and to build comfort and trust while creating a pathway forward.  Fee:  $145 
  • Individual Sessions:  One hour of discussion and guidance concerning both your successes and challenges.  These sessions are set with a standing and reoccurring appointment time.  Fee:  $115 
  • Couple’s Session:  This 45 minute “get to know you” private session for each offers comfort and builds a foundation of trust. The 15 minutes together is formatted in a way that both partners receive a brief overview of other’s point of view. The end goal is to determine a suitable path forward that supports both people. Clients leave with a light directions on how to immediately begin to communicate differently.  Available on going.  Fee:  $165 
  • Guts & Glory Consult (Couples):  This unique session follows the same guidelines of the initial Consultation beginning with a 45 minute private session for each; followed by a full 30 minute joint session. This additional time provides the couple with a larger overview of other’s point of view and the opportunity for a deeper understanding of their partner’s feelings and desires.  Clients leave session with tools to utilize what they’ve learned about each other.  Available on going.  Fee:  $195 
  • Loving Communication Package: The three sessions include identifying the primary love language of each person, when each person feels most loved, and guidance for how to speak to increase love, communication, and intimacy.  Identifying your love languages is the gateway to pinpointing and making sense of your needs in a relationship. Additionally, it brings into view a sense around why partners misinterpret one anthers intentions. Fee:  $495
  • Quick Email SupportSupport for existing clients concerning a small immediate item.  Fee:  $25

Women’s Sustainable JoyCircle
This Circle of change supports women of all ages by providing a safe caring environment to share their stories of challenges, losses and heartbreak.

One Segment (four weeks) $70 
Not ready to commit?  Weekly fee of $25 

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