Joyful Choices

Choose the Accelerated JoyWorks pathway that speaks to you.

The Exploration Consultation may be a good place for you to begin.
This 15-minute complimentary consultation will shed some light on which option is most suited for your present day situation.

  • The Vent Session Do you have a heavy weight on your chest holding you down? Do you feel like if you don’t let your feelings out that you might explode? Talk it out in 30-minutes of constructive releasing in a healthy, safe, nurturing environment.  Fee:  $45 
  • Clarity SessionAre you having trouble seeing the forest for the trees?  This 30-minute session is designed to illuminate and bring clarity to a present day challenge.  Fee:  $55 
  • Active Listening Session60-minutes with someone who is trained to listen and hold the space while you share your current challenge.  Fee:  $100 
  • Initial Consultation (Individual & Singles)One-hour to get to know you and to build comfort and trust while creating a pathway forward.  Fee:  $145 
  • Individual Sessions:  One hour of discussion and guidance concerning both your successes and challenges.  These sessions are set with a standing and reoccurring appointment time.  Fee:  $115 
  • Couples Sessions: One-hour session designed for couples to achieve a better understanding of each other and  improve communication.  Fee $145  
  • Initial Consultation (Couples):  This 45 minute “get to know you” private session for each offers comfort and builds a foundation of trust. The 15 minutes together is formatted in a way that both partners receive a brief overview of other’s point of view. The end goal is to determine a suitable path forward that supports both people. Clients leave with a light directions on how to immediately begin to communicate differently.  Available on going.  Fee:  $165 
  • Guts & Glory Consult (Couples):  This unique session follows the same guidelines of the initial Consultation beginning with a 45 minute private session for each; followed by a full 30 minute joint session. This additional time provides the couple with a larger overview of other’s point of view and the opportunity for a deeper understanding of their partner’s feelings and desires.  Clients leave session with tools to utilize what they’ve learned about each other.  Available on going.  Fee:  $195 
  • Quick Email SupportSupport for existing clients concerning a small immediate item.  Fee:  $25

Women’s Sustainable JoyCircle
This Circle of change supports women of all ages by providing a safe caring environment to share their stories of challenges, losses and heartbreak.

One Segment (four weeks) $70 
Not ready to commit?  Weekly fee of $25 

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