Relationship Goals Realized

Connection + Clarity + Knowledge + Identification + Exploration
+ Awareness + Conscious Communication + Utilization + Adaptation = The AJW Approach

Welcome!  My name is Tiffany M. Bastedo, nurse and relationship coach,  and I am delighted that you have found your way to Accelerated Joy Works; Where Ordinary and Extraordinary Become One.  I’m excited that you’ve chosen to start your journey towards a life filled with joy.

Each person that finds their way to this work is unique; they have their own very different reasons for seeking holistic relationship coaching.  Some have tried the do-it-yourself method of reading relationship books, others have sought out couples counseling, and others still have gone to traditional psychotherapists.

Whatever your reason for being here, Accelerated JoyWorks can assist you to first and foremost build a relationship with yourself.  You needn’t be in a relationship to see a holistic relationship coach.

You are in the right place whether you are seeking help for a very small concern or even if it’s for a much larger matter.  Here at Accelerated JoyWorks I can provide for each and every unique need.  We will address and enhance things that are already working in a relationship and identify what isn’t working while rebuilding trust and intimacy.

Many people fall in to one of three categories:
1.  Having difficulty finding love.
2.  Experiencing challenges while navigating the path of a new relationship.
3.  Experiencing difficulty maintaining or enhancing lifelong love in a present relationship.

Reasons to book a session include:
1.    You’re ready to move forward in your relationship but are seeking direction.
2.    You are already in a good relationship but you are seeking more.
3.    You haven’t been in a relationship in a long time and are feeling uncomfortable about putting yourself out there.
4.    You’ve outgrown traditional counseling or you haven’t found it to be beneficial.
5.    You have an inkling that what society has taught us about love may be incorrect.
6.    You desire direction and inspiration to live life joyfully with a love partner.
7.    You want to feel the joy of knowing every day that you are loved.
8.    You are determined to accelerate joy in to your life.

As not all relationships are the same you won’t find any cookie cutter approaches to your AJW Experience.  Each couple experiences common relationship challenges in a unique way.

It is my deepest passion to support others in finding their way to intimacy with self, others, their work, and life in general.  Bottom line, I found what I love and now do what I love.

I look forward to connecting when the time is right for you.

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