About Me

Connection + Clarity + Knowledge + Identification + Exploration
+ Awareness + Conscious Communication + Utilization + Adaptation = The AJW Approach

Welcome!  My name is Tiffany M. Bastedo, LPN, Relationship Coach and I am delighted that you have found your way to Accelerated Joy Works.  You are in the right place if you are seeking to live and love in a healthy way.  Here you will find gentle guidance to reach your relationship goals and pathways to enhance your communication skills.  As not all relationships are the same you won’t find any cookie cutter approaches to your AJW Experience.  Each couple experiences common relationship challenges in a unique way.

Relationships have long been a source of intrigue for me.  This curiosity has over the years fueled a deep passion to support others in finding their way home to loving themselves and others in a safe, meaningful, and purposeful manor.

The importance of communication, trust building, and developing an understanding of how the genders are different were brought forth in a large way during my other rewarding career as a nurse.  The bulk of this allopathic work has been spent working with the extremely challenging mental health and addiction populations; with the most recent being given the privilege of caring for our homeless Veterans.  It was here, at our local VA Hospital, where I was voted an Influential Women and given the honor of a First in Service Award.  All have contributed to the rich life I live today as a Relationship Coach and Communication Specialist.

I choose to live a holistic existence and I am happy to share my Joy with others.  I do however readily accept the fact that this lifestyle may not be attractive to everyone.  Therefore, my personal choices do not interfere with the choices and relationship goals of my clients.

While not always simple, walking my talk has become a pleasure.  Matched with my training, the ability to recognize, and own my personal “been there and done that” trials has made it easy to listen, really hear, and support others without a trace of a judgment.

It is my deepest passion to support others in finding their way to intimacy with self, others, their work, and life in general.  Bottom line, I found what I love and now do what I love.

I look forward to connecting when the time is right for you.

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