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Connection + Clarity + Knowledge + Identification + Exploration
+ Awareness + Conscious Communication + Utilization + Adaptation = The AJW Approach

Relationship coaching can be a truly emotional journey full of deeply personal work.  As such, many of my  clients who wish to provide testimonials also wish to maintain their privacy as well.  Anonymous testimonials or those simply with initials all represent a client that has done amazing work in coaching and due to the deeply personal nature has simply requested to remain anonymous.

In a world filled with coaches on every corner, Tiffany really stands out. She’s not like other coaches who deliver cookie-cutter exercises designed to fit every couple. Tiffany listens and tailors her recommendations to fit the details of the situation and the people involved. With extreme empathy and patience, she strives to understand before offering solutions. To me, married to a man from another culture that has different cultural norms, Tiffany’s sensitivity is priceless! What’s more, Tiffany’s recommendations were easy to understand and execute, and had near immediate, clear results. Things are much better now than they were a few short months ago. I would highly recommend Tiffany to anyone.
(Anonymity requested)

I was at a loss as to how to keep my relationship and keep my “self” at the same time. My partner and I just could not argue productively and had very poor communication. I had very bad anxiety and some ptsd mixed in. Tiffany, well, she helped me find ways of communicating what I needed and how to walk away from unproductive arguments without causing more hurt and anger, she helped me no end in my relationship with my sons father as well as with my son and stepdaughter. I can now conduct constructive arguments or communications with Allan as well as being able to see when something really needs to change be it within me or in a situation. Though I know things aren’t fixed I do know that thanks to Tiffany they are definitely heading down the right path.

What I got out of coaching with Tiffany will last the rest of my life in so many situations and I really cannot express my gratitude to her enough.
-Eliz Attard

I had the privilege of working with Tiffany years ago. She is a multifaceted, unique and magnanimous individual. She is proficient in several areas of endeavor, and is incredibly erudite. I have a great deal of respect for Tiffany, and I admire her very much. Anyone with whom she associates, teaches, and cares for, is in good hands. . She is a healer in this world.
–JoAnne Ellis, MS,LPC,CCHt

We found Tiffany to be very professional, very aware and able to really listen to what we were saying, even though we ourselves may not have known. We went to Tiffany because of relationship difficulties, she was very adept at helping us to discover where our communication was breaking down, where we may have been taking each other for granted, helped us to become much more aware of our actions and words and how they affect each other and maybe interpreted or misinterpreted by each other. After 25 years of marriage we had entered a major lull, Tiffany helped us to break out of this lull and grow together in a manner that we never previously have. Our relationship is definitely richer as a result of our time spent with Tiffany.
–Dave C.

Tiffany has done an excellent job with helping me to be a better person so that I can in turn have the best relationship possible with my wife.
–Patrick A.

Tiffany is a great coach – she gets to the heart of your problem quickly and offers excellent and easy to implement advice!
–Karen Ayers

Tiffany supported me during a very dark time in my life by helping me get past an extremely bad break up and come out the other side “sparkling.” She gently showed me how I had been allowing myself to be treated  poorly by men. Her guidance taught me to identify myself as being mistreated and in a constant state of degradation. Through Tiffany’s coaching I now see myself as a good person whereas before I loathed myself and my life. I can now recognize how a man should treat a woman as well as how to make a positive contribution in a loving relationship. Tiffany helped me through the rough spots as I pulled myself out of the personal Hell I had been living in. With her help I have learned to like myself and love the life I am living.
–Kristi Olafson

Tiffany is a great coach! She is kind and respectful; however, she doesn’t sugar coat, she tells you what you need to hear and helps guide you to where you want to be. She has helped me to learn to speak to my husband in a way that allows me to express my needs and feelings while still honoring and respecting him.
–Amber E. Miller

I have been married twice and through two divorces.  Since being coached by Tiffany, I have learned that self care has been my lifesaver. I had always given to my partners in relationships to the point that I forgot about myself.  I realize my worth as a single person now, and I am truly happy. I have learned to stop trying to control situations and people and partners. By focusing on myself and what I want, dating has become more fun and relaxed. I am able to clearly choose what I want and deserve instead of trying to be what someone else is wanting. I am happy and encouraged by what my life, whether single or coupled will bring next. I highly recommend her services and will continue to seek out her expertise in relationship coaching.
—C. O. (Anonymity requested)

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