Coaching Is…

Connection + Clarity + Knowledge + Identification + Exploration
+ Awareness + Conscious Communication + Utilization + Adaptation = The AJW Approach

A common misconception is that coaching, counseling, and therapy are all the same process, produce the same results, when in fact they are all quite different and each has their purpose.  

Coaching offers a manifestation support system where the professional guides healthy individuals to gain awareness, achieve personal goals, and improve their life in general.  Coaching works toward a higher level of functioning.

Counseling offers assistance and guidance in resolving psychological challenges and difficulties.

Therapy on the other hand is intended to help people recover from emotional or other psychological disorders and works to achieve understanding and emotional healing.

  • Relationship Coaching focuses on education and exploration of solutions surrounding the differences between individuals, particularly in communication styles.
  • Relationship Coaching is designed to be a short-term process.
  • Relationship Coaching is based on the needs of the client.
  • Relationship Coaching addresses the present moment and concerns.
  • Relationship Coaching revolves around personal and professional growth.
  • Relationship Coaching professionals help bring awareness and understanding of what is truly happening in your relationships.
  • Relationship Coaching professionals collaborate on solutions.
  • The Joyful Choices menu has many options which will serve your needs.

 Relationship Coaching Is Not

  • Relationship Coaching does not mimic psychotherapy.
  • Relationship Coaching does not examine the effects of childhood experiences in your life.
  • Relationship Coaching does not examine the effects of trauma experiences in your life.
  • Relationship Coaching professionals do not diagnose, treat, or manage any mental health issues.

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