Building Trust in a Relationship

Building Trust

Building trust, and maintaining it, is part of the foundation of a healthy relationship.   Think about some of the questions you ask yourself in your relationships.  Are they really staying at work late, is she really meeting the girls for a night out, is he really only friends with her, why are they texting so much?  Without trust you are really just a ball of insecurity and anxiety and questions.

The definition of trust is a belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, and effective.   That being said, trust is a logical act.  Here’s what I mean:

  • You have assessed the probabilities of gain and loss.
  • You have calculated the hard data of loss versus benefit.
  • You have concluded that the person in question will behave in a predictable manner.

So with trust being a logical act then  building trust becomes a logical actBut why would you want to?   I mean, trusting is risky!  When we trust we risk the loss of the things that we entrusted to the other person:  self-respect, love, vulnerability, and fidelity

How to Build Trust Through Actions

Why would you want to build trust in your relationship?  Because, trusting is an act of vulnerability.  Vulnerability strengthens emotional connection and deepens relationships.  

Here are some simple action steps to take in your relationships to start building trust.

  • Keep your word and follow through
  • Be punctual
  • Honor your commitments, be sure you even want to commit to that particular thing
  • Clear effective communication
  • Don’t take people for granted, don’t be neglectful
  • Continue nurturing your established relationship in the wake of new relationships
  • Openness and willingness to contribute
  • Transparency-don’t hide your feelings or stuff them down
  • Honesty
  • Be of service and helpful to others
  • Admit mistakes
  • Don’t judge

Building trust, and Maintaining Trust,  doesn’t have to be a difficult task nor does it have to be a negatively emotional one either.  These simple and actionable steps can help you start on a joyful pathway to trusting a new partner.

Need help rebuilding trust once it’s been broken?  Consider reading this article.

Need a more guided plan of action or just some help in person?  Consider a coaching session with Accelerated JoyWorks.

JoyWork Suggestion:  Make a habit of taking an actionable step each day and planning an activity every week.

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