The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful and showing appreciation.  So ask yourself this…  How often do you show your gratitude to your friends, your family, and your spouse?


The power of a thank you goes farther than you might think.  Gratitude can transform the landscape of your relationships.  Think about it…

Think about a relationship, a close relationship, like your spouse.

Imagine that you are the one in the relationship that always does the laundry, or takes out the trash.  Even though it’s something you always do, wouldn’t it be nice if someone noticed all of your hard work?  Wouldn’t it give you a warm fuzzy if your spouse said, “Wow, Honey, thanks for taking the trash out.”


Both men and women want to be acknowledged for the hard work they do in relationships.  Especially the repetitive tasks and the small things because much of it is nearly invisible.

Having an attitude of gratitude is its own form of abundance.  The more you are grateful the more you have to be grateful for.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, “You find what you’re looking for.”  Well, that’s certainly true in relationships.  If you are always looking for something to be grateful for in your relationships then you will surely find it.

What if someone consistently offers you gratitude?  Wouldn’t that motivate you to consistently offer your best, to continue putting in hard work in the relationship?


How would your work relationships be different if your boss expressed gratitude for you doing your job, if your coworkers expressed gratitude for you handling the difficult client?

How would your dating life be different if you expressed gratitude for your significant other for being chivalrous, for honoring you, for taking their call/text when you now they are busy?

How would your long term relationship be different if you thanked your wife for cooking and doing the dishes?  If you thanked your husband for taking out the trash.

How about, how would your relationship with your children be different if you thanked them for doing the chores they are assigned to do.

Answer.  You’d have more deeply intimate relationships, more respect, and a desire to do more for the other person.

You find what you’re looking for.  Either find things to be grateful for and you’ll find tons, or find things to complain about and you’ll have a never ending list.


When you don’t express gratitude, what do you think happens?

You cheat yourself out of the joy of receiving.  No one wants to continuously give to someone that isn’t grateful or is a taker.

Have you ever thought about keeping a gratitude journal?  Try our complimentary download for 30 days and see how your life changes.

JoyWork Suggestion:  Catch your spouse doing something like emptying the trash, doing the dishes, changing a light bulb, and offer them gratitude.  Do it every day, three times per day, and watch your spouse blossom.

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